Kate’s on Fire in Alexander McQueen for Berlin Reception

427EA6C800000578-4711124-image-m-66_1500489626074.jpgWhen one has sat on the throne for 65 years, you get multiple birthday parties in several plum international hot spots and sometimes you’re too busy to attend yourself. Such is life. Such is the life of Queen Elizabeth II, at the very least, and tonight the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge represented her in Berlin at a reception held in honor of her birthday at the British Ambassador’s residence.

The event marked the occasion of William’s second speech of the ongoing tour, in which he stated:

“This relationship between the United Kingdom and Germany really matters. It is the product of many years of working closely together. It will continue despite Britain’s recent decision to leave the European Union. I am confident we shall remain the firmest of friends.”

You can read his full remarks at the end of the post.


The Queen released the following statement to the German people:

There are two things that jumped out at me about this evening, the first of which is THAT DRESS. Lest we were bored by her blue Catherine Walker coat dress today (and we were, slightly), she brought the “wow” factor with an off-the-shoulder bright red Alexander McQueen that’s easily one of her best looks this year.


At first glance I’m not sure I would have chosen this for the Duchess, despite it containing a few “Kate” elements, not least of which is the voluminous, filmy skirt and that ruffle.

But the real clincher that puts this over the edge is the display of the royal shoulders here, where once upon a time Kate might have opted to have this tailored over to the safe side.


The result is young, modern and (dare I say it?) a little trendy.

She complemented the dress with another pair of the Prada wavy strap sandals that she recently showcased at the Natural History Museum reception with her Preen dress. Tonight’s version were a nude/light brown and they worked perfectly.


And her hair! I’ve been saying this every engagement these days, but I am still in love with this haircut. The loose waves on display this evening were gorgeous.


Needless to say, this was a win in my book.


Now, for the second thing that I noticed – Kate looks like she had genuine fun and that’s a considerable skill. On both Monday night and last week’s banquet, there were a few moments where Kate looked either exhausted or a tad bored (no judgment from me – work events can be wildly dull), but this evening she seemed well-rested and engaged.


Kate generally has a pretty expressive face and it’s always fun to see a bit of her personality shine through. In some of them she downright appears to be loving life, and good for her.


Tomorrow the couple will pop over to Heidelburg and participate in a race in which both with cox a boat and there will be yet another reception at Clärchens Ballhaus back in Berlin in the evening. See you then!


William’s speech:

“Vielen Dank, Herr Botschafter. Guten Abend, meine Damen und Herren (thank you, Ambassador, and good evening, ladies and gentlemen.)

It is a huge pleasure for Catherine and me to be with you on this occasion as we celebrate the birthday of my grandmother, Her Majesty The Queen.

It is just under a year since I was last in Germany, to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and Britain’s role in its creation. I am delighted to be able to return so soon – this time with Catherine, George and Charlotte.

We have already had a fascinating first day here in Berlin. We have seen powerful symbols of the historical events which helped shape modern Germany, and spoken with those who carry that that legacy forward today. I thank President Steinmeier and Chancellor Merkel for welcoming us so warmly.

We have also experienced the city beyond the monuments and corridors of power. This afternoon we visited the Strassenkinder project in east Berlin, which supports homeless children and young people. It reminds us of the difficulties faced by some of the most vulnerable people in society, even in prosperous countries such as Britain and Germany, and the value of both countries looking at examples of best practice in the other.

We look forward to seeing more of this great city during our stay here. But we also want to get to know and understand Germany outside the capital. Tomorrow, we travel to Heidelberg, and on Friday to Hamburg.

‘Our visit will reflect, and I hope reinforce, the strong and wide-ranging ties between Britain and Germany. These include political, cultural, historical, commercial, sporting, academic and scientific links.

The United Kingdom and Germany proudly share the same values as open and democratic societies, and the same determination to champion those values and to defend them – not least through our very close defenceand security partnerships. Today, we share a fundamental interest in the peace and prosperity of the continent of Europe to which we both belong.

This relationship between the United Kingdom and Germany really matters. It is the product of many years of working closely together. It will continue despite Britain’s recent decision to leave the European Union. I am confident we shall remain the firmest of friends.

With this confidence in mind, I am particularly pleased that the British and German governments have agreed to double their funding of UK-German Connection, the bilateral initiative for school and youth links. UK-German Connection was established after the State Visit of the Queen to Germany in 2004, and it provides a wide range of UK-German activities, networks and funding for schools and youth groups. The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow, and we want to establish friendships between our young people that will last a lifetime.

‘I should like to finish with a message that my grandmother The Queen has sent to you all for this evening, and which she asked me to read to you:

‘Prince Philip and I send our warmest good wishes to all of you gathered for this special Garden Party, on the occasion of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s official visit to Germany.

‘We have fond memories of our five State Visits to Germany, from our first in 1965 to our most recent in 2015. Over the course of those fifty years, British-German relations have thrived, allowing us to face the challenges and embrace the opportunities of the 21st century together.

I am delighted that The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will experience the beauty of this country and the warmth of its people when they visit Berlin, Hamburg and Heidelberg.’

I hope you all have a most enjoyable evening. Vielen Dank (thank you).”

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