Day Two of Harry in Denmark

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And so it is done. Prince Harry wrapped up his second day in Denmark today and returned (ostensibly) to the UK. This morning kicked off with a visit to a bakery where Harry met with volunteers of the mental health organization “One of Us.” He spoke about the dangers of constant social media use, noting:

“People are spending far too much time online and it’s like a mental running machine that they can’t get off. You wouldn’t put your body through such a workout. I’m the last person to say ban it but people are suffering from mental fatigue and getting burnt out. We all need to talk to each other more.”

Now, all of that is fair, but what it really does is beg the question, what is Harry doing on social media? We know he uses Instagram, and we know that he used to have Facebook at one point, but what else is he up to? Your guess is as good as mine.

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Harry then met with Prince Joachim, the Danish “spare,” if you will (aka the younger son of Queen Margrethe). The two visited the Centre for Military Physical Training to learn about the Danish approach to the armed services, an appropriate engagement for the two men to undertake together given their shared background in the military.

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While watching training go one, Harry also got to meet members of Denmark’s team at the Invictus Games. According to Kensington Palace, since the games launched in 2014, 90 Danish service members have competed.

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Next up was Ørestad Gymnasium where Harry met with students.

From there, Harry left Denmark, wrapping up the end of his two-day trip. His next engagement on the books is on Tuesday, October 31.

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As for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the general consensus is that they have spent the past few days at Anmer Hall in Norfolk in light of the fall break at Prince George’s school. A new engagement for Kate has also been announced for next Tuesday – more on that tomorrow.

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