Kate’s in Boden for a Visit to Great Ormond Street Hospital

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Another day, another color. Earlier today (much earlier, actually – apols for the delay), the Duchess of Cambridge carried out two engagements in London. We’ll cover them in separate posts, so let’s jump right in to her morning.

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Kate visited the Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) where she helped open the new Mittal Children’s Medical Centre. The Royal Family has long supported the hospital – indeed, according to the Kensington Palace Twitter feed, Queen Victoria was its first patron in 1852. Today, the Queen herself patronizes the hospital.

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The Duchess joined children for an art activity (a particular favorite of hers) and met with patients receiving medical care at the facility. Among them was a four-year-old awaiting a heart transplant who gave Kate a high-five by way of greeting and told her all about his love of olives, prompting this response: “Olives over sweeties – amazing. I used to eat lots and lots of olives when I was little. They’re very good for you. What other things do you like eating? Do you like pasta? Charlotte likes pasta too – with olives. Do you like pasta with olives?” (He does). The more you know and such.

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Kate was met upon arrival by a nine-year-old cystic fibrosis patient who presented her with two stuffed bears for George and Charlotte and a card containing a poem about GOSH.

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Throughout the visit, she also had the opportunity to meet parents whose children are receiving care and chat with them about their experiences.

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While we know that Kate always does particularly well at engagements with children, I have to say I am always somewhat amazed that she is able to maintain her composure during situations like this. Personally, I would have been a basket case.

Even more impressive, she delivered brief remarks (without the use of note cards by all appearances) which are captured on video below:

There was a slight debate this morning on Twitter (which I read with exactly one eye in the back of a cab before having had coffee this morning) regarding photos of Kate arriving to empty, barricaded streets. This prompted some snark that the honeymoon was officially over and she fails to drive public attention, which is quite obviously ludicrous if one considers the delighted crowds who greeted her and William in Coventry yesterday…or later this afternoon for that matter As for comparisons to the crowds Meghan Markle is drawing these days, we’ll have to save that for some other time because it has been a LONG workday.

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Anyway, this was a non-issue. Reportedly, the entrance wasn’t accessible to the public and it was always planned as a quiet arrival.

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Kate wore a new coat from Boden, which I believe is a new brand for her. As long-time readers well know, I love a good brand debut! This coat appears orange in photos, but is described as red by its designer, so let’s meet in the middle and call it an orange-red. I’m a big fan of Boden in general and I like this coat. The ruffle detailing on the collar, sleeves and pockets gives it a nice hint of whimsy without going over the edge into “fussy.”

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It’s paired with a custom-made peach silk dress that Kate first wore in 2013 when she was pregnant with Prince George. It’s unclear who exactly made this for Kate, but she has a handful of garments in her closet that were made entirely for her. Given that Kate’s not a big fan of traditional maternity clothes, it’s not surprising she’s relied on this option while pregnant.


And last but not least, her shoes are brown suede and may be Russell & Bromley (will update if there’s a more definitive ID).

From there, Kate made her way to her second engagement of the day, which I’ll cover in a post shortly!

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