Tennis in the Afternoon: the Kate Edition

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If you missed it, you can find coverage of today’s morning engagement at Great Ormond Street Hospital here. Otherwise, let’s get into it: the Duchess of Cambridge spent her afternoon at Bond Primary School in Mitcham to highlight the work of the Wimbledon Junior Tennis Initiative (WJTI).

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As we know by now, Kate is a BIG fan of tennis and reportedly a decent player herself. She noted today that, “I was really sporty when I was little, less so now that I’ve got lots of babies.”

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All in all, today likely calls to mind October’s engagement at the National Tennis Centre. Kate participated in training activities with children, which she’s mentioned in the past she does variations of with Prince George and Princess Charlotte to get them interested in the sport.

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Reporters on hand captured some fun videos of the Duchess interacting with the kids. This one was shared by reporter Victoria Murphy:

And this one by Richard Palmer:

Last but not least (and wildly out of order) here is Kate arriving to much fanfare and flag waving:

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The most adorable moment came at the goodbyes when Kate was offering up handshakes and high-faves and a few kids catapulted themselves in for a hug.

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Kate recycled her Monreal track pants (also worn in October) and paired them with a white PlayBrave jacket. I can’t quite muster an opinion on athletic wear, so suffice to say I think the outfit change was a wise choice given the itinerary!

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As of right now, the next time we’ll see HRH is in two weeks when she arrives in Stockholm with the Duke of Cambridge, though I think it’s a possibility something will be slipped in next week. TBD. In the meantime, tomorrow Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are due in Cardiff, Wales for yet another engagement, so we’ll cover that and then return to history in time for the weekend.

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