Royal Roundup: There’s Movement at KP & Beatrice is at the Met Gala [UPDATED]


So, the big news from the weekend is that plans are already in the works for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to take over a larger apartment in Kensington Palace. As you may recall, around the time their engagement was announced last November, it was stated that the couple would remain at their current residence, Nottingham Cottage, for the time being. And so they will, but plans are reportedly underway for them to take over Apartment 1 within Kensington Palace, placing them next door to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

The apartment is currently housing the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester. Less high-profile royals, the Duke of Gloucester is a grandson of George V, making him a first cousin of the Queen. His father, Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester, was a younger brother of Edward VIII and George VI. He and his wife, Birgitte, have been married since 1972 and raised their three children – now all grown and married with families of their own – in KP. Both are full-time working royals, taking on a considerable load of engagements each year.

The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester

The move is likely one that the Gloucesters have offered to make. The apartment boasts over 20 rooms and they’re likely ready to downsize. There are smaller apartments soon to be available within KP, not to mention there are other residences within London – including St. James’s Palace – that could (in theory) accommodate them. My guess is they’ll take a smaller suite within KP. They also maintain a country residence.

Update: Below is a visual breakdown of where the royals reside within the KP complex courtesy of Business Insider:

KP Infographic

The idea of William and Harry living next door to one another is a sweet one – and a practical one. Personally, the brothers and their families will live close by, their homes adjoined by a door, in fact, while professionally it will make the realities of their coordinated work all the more easy. With Harry and Meghan expected to begin having children sooner rather than later, it also means that the two sets of cousins will grow up together, which is always more fun.

According to the Daily Mail, the renovations are already underway on Apartment 1

If this is true (and this isn’t confirmed yet!), it may be over a year in the making. It took well over a year for William and Kate’s apartment to be complete after extensive renovations, so Harry and Megan may well remain in Nottingham for their first year of married life after all. It also complicates still other reports that Clarence House has been earmarked for Harry – the idea being that once the Prince of Wales ascends the throne he and the Duchess of Cornwall will move to the monarch’s traditional homes, leaving CH vacant. Je ne sais pas, though I would imagine Harry and Meghan will need more space than what Nottingham Cottage can provide before then.

The other big question is what residence they’ll be given or purchase outside of London. Rumors have swirled for months that they’re eyeing a house in the Cotswalds, while now it’s being suggested that they’ll be given York Cottage on the Sandringham Estate (currently used as administrative offices). We’ll see.

Beatrice Met Gala

Finally, across the pond in New York, Princess Beatrice attended the Met Gala, the theme of which was “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination.” Seems fitting that a member of the House of Windsor made an appearance, then.

I’ve not seen who designed the gown, but she looks lovely and the color reminds me of what she wore to the Queen’s birthday concert the other week. Beatrice is known for her daring style, so it was fun to see her at this last night – it’s the type of event it’s hard to imagine seeing Kate at, but given that the former isn’t a full-time working royal she has a bit more flexibility to embrace the glam now and again.

Royal visit to France and Greece - Day One

Switching gears to this week – the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall are currently in France and will be heading over to Greece. I’ll wrap up each country in a post later this week, but won’t be covering it day in and day out. I’m also hoping to knock another historical post before the weekend, but that Margaret Beaufort post took longer than I imagined!

Finally, there will be a wrap up of all things royal wedding on Saturday, the official one-week countdown! I’ve been avoiding all the guest gossip, flowers, music, etc., but I’ll compile it into one big rundown for those that want all the details 🙂

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