Meghan’s in Green Givenchy for Dublin Arrival

Green Givenchy

Following today’s earlier RAF centenary ceremony, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex left for Dublin where they are carrying out a two-day visit today and tomorrow. This is the couple’s first trip abroad as a married couple and is being viewed as a precursor from their extensive tour of Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga in the autumn.

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The first item on the agenda was a costume change for Meghan as she swapped her bespoke navy Dior dress for another new ensemble – a fitted green skirt and blouse from Givenchy. As we’ve discussed, Givenchy has become Meghan’s version of the Duchess of Cambridge’s Alexander McQueen – the label she turns to for “big” royal moments where she needs to meet high expectations. This skirt was apparently debuted in red and today’s forest green version was made especially for Meghan’s arrival in Ireland.

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I thought she looked fantastic – loved it from head to toe. The look was paired with the Strathberry Midi Tote and an unidentified pair of heels. Strathberry, it should be noted, is a Scottish brand.

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The couple chartered a plane for this trip and are traveling in an entourage of 11.

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They were welcomed by British Ambassador to Ireland Robin Barnett and then met   Prime Minister (or the Taoiseach) Leo Varadkar.

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Conversation was kept light despite ongoing political tension, not least of which are Brexit negotiations. According to the Irish Press, ministers were briefed not to bring the topic up with Harry or Meghan during their stay. Instead, the couple was taken to Dublin’s Government Buildings where they were shown a plaque laid by Edward VII in 1904 and stained glass depicting the four provinces.

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Topics of conversation included rugby, the Prince of Wales’s travel to the country, Ireland’s tech industry, STEM education and the Invictus Games. Notably, Meghan mentioned in one conversation that she is an honorary member of the Philosophical Society in Trinity College.

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Inside Varadkar’s private offices, they met with his staff and then paused to sign the visitors’ book. Worth noting, it was Meghan who had to remind Harry to sign before leaving instead of the other way around – this particular task is definitely in the Duchess’s wheelhouse given that she is a practiced calligrapher.

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News articles are also noting that this isn’t Meghan’s first trip to Dublin – she was in the city back in 2013 and there may well have been additional private trips from travel she undertook in her actress days.

With that, we’re going to turn to their evening engagement…but in a separate post. I’ll follow up momentarily!

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