William & Kate Turn Up for Last Day of Wimbledon

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She may have waited until the bitter end, but the Duchess of Cambridge definitely made up for it this weekend by attending the final two days of Wimbledon. Following her outing with the Duchess of Sussex yesterday, today she attended the Men’s Final with the Duke of Cambridge, taking her place in the Royal Box alongside Prime Minister Theresa May.

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While yesterday she saw the last couple hours of a marathon match in which Novak Djokovic won his place in the finals, today she saw him take the title following a victory against South African player Kevin Anderson.

William and Kate appeared in exceptionally good spirits today, laughing and chatting throughout the match, and making frequent conversation with May. One wonders how many times a certain recent presidential visit came up…

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Kate wore a new yellow dress by Dolce & Gabbana, which I think is a big win. It’s being compared to the yellow Brandon Maxwell Meghan recently wore – and fair enough – but this version has a few elements that make it much for “Kate.” For one, it has the high waistline that she’s been favoring for the last couple of months, and two, it has fluttering sleeves to offer that whimsical element she so prefers.

But fashion aside, I have to say Kate looks absolutely amazing. Her hair is such perfection that I’m getting 2011/2012 vibes – volumes, curls and color, oh my. Even more, she looks like she has a touch of color and is markedly happy and relaxed. Frankly, that’s impressive with two toddlers and a newborn, particularly since we can be pretty confident the family hasn’t slipped out of the UK for a holiday given William’s work schedule.

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As for the week ahead, we’re due to get the official photos from Prince Louis’s christening any day now (see below), while Harry and Meghan are expected to carry out an engagement on Tuesday. There’s not a ton on the docket for the coming weeks, so I think it’s fair to say there will be a slew of announcements in the first half of the week that book everyone up through the end of July. While we can be fairly confident we’ll see more of Meghan, it’s unclear whether that’s true of Kate. Wimbledon is the last anchor on the summer calendar for public appearances, so while it’s possible she’ll make a few surprise pop-ins here and there, it’s also possible she’ll hold fast to maternity leave and won’t reappear until everyone emerges in September.

UPDATE: apparently the photos will be released tonight so as to make the morning papers. If and when they hit, I’ll put together a post!

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Last but not least, the best Kate face of Wimbledon 2018:

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