Louis’s Christening Photos Are Released


Kensington Palace released four photos from Prince Louis’s christening last Monday. The photos were taken at the Prince of Wales’s residence in London, Clarence House, by photographer Matt Holyoak and feature various assortments of the Wales side of the family and the Middletons.

The above, of course, features the royal branch and you’ll note that in the background there’s a portrait of the Queen – a nice nod to the matriarch not able to attend the day’s ceremony.

I was struck when I saw this photo of how much bigger Charles’s offshoot of the family is becoming. For so many years it was Charles, William and Harry and now here they are, all married and a whole new – and growing – generations thanks to George, Charlotte and Louis. That’s the nice thing about these official photos, as stilted and formal as they can sometimes be – they do capture the passage of time in a marked way.

Kate & Louis

My favorite photo of the bunch is definitely this shot of Kate with Louis outside in the garden. Each set of christening photos released for Kate’s children have included one of her looking down at her new baby adoringly and they’re always very sweet. In this one, we finally get to see Louis’s eyes open (he was asleep at the chapel).

A runner-up, I suppose, is the below, which is the first photo that specifically captures all five Cambridges together (apart from the candids taken at the christening itself). Everyone looks great, but I can’t wrap my head around the stark background. William and Kate used this look last summer for a photo shoot featuring their family that they used for thank you cards, birthday pictures and their Christmas card. I thought it was ugly then and I still do. I’m getting flashbacks to bad school pictures.

All Five

Finally, the whole gang was pictured in CH’s morning room. This marks James Matthews’ first time being included in a photo call like this, but mainly this one made me zoom in on Pippa Matthews. As of Charlotte’s christening she was on her own and though I can’t remember whether she was with her ex or in-between boyfriends, it’s kind of amazing that in three years she’s been engaged, married for a year and is now expecting her own baby.

Whole Gang

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got. The pictures are adorable and enjoy them – the next time we see everyone (sans Louis) collected together may well not be until October at Princess Eugenie’s wedding. Happy end of weekend 🙂

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