Royal Roundup: Baby Sussex is On the Way, More Wedding Fodder & the Oceania Tour Commences


Happy Monday, everyone! For those who haven’t seen the news yet, today was a big day – Kensington Palace announced that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are expecting their first child, due in the spring of 2019. Pregnancy rumors have been swirling for the last couple of weeks, hitting a crescendo when Meghan wore a loose-fitting Givenchy coat to Princess Eugenie’s wedding on Friday and appeared to be blocking her mid-section with a clutch as she walked into the chapel.

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This is definitely exciting, happy news – particularly for a couple who have made it clear they are eager to start a family. Given that, and the fact that Meghan is 37, it’s not surprising that they’re getting a jump start on everything. Unlike with the Duchess of Cambridge, whose pregnancy announcements are made extremely early due to HG and her need to bow out of public appearances during her first trimester, Meghan is already safely at 12 weeks, which makes this a very differently kind of announcement roll out.

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My guess is that the Palace decided to get in front of the news so that the couple didn’t face 2+ weeks of intense speculation during the tour. Now, there will definitely be intense speculation, but of a different sort! Personally, my favorite thing is that this new child and Prince Louis will be so close in age – I love that William and Harry’s children will get to truly grow up together.

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Some headlines are shouting that Harry and Meghan told the Royal Family at Eugenie’s wedding, but this is not quite the case. The news was shared with family members before the wedding, but for many, the wedding was the first time they had seen the couple in person and thus were able to congratulate them face-to-face. Indeed, it puts a slightly different spin on this intimate chat Meghan was spotted having with the Princess Royal before the ceremony:

As we speak, Harry and Meghan are already in Australia where they are quite likely sleeping ahead of their first day of engagements in Sydney. They were photographed arriving yesterday (ish? I’m getting confused by the time difference and if we’re being honest that will likely be a recurring theme of my coverage of this tour. What can I say? Time zones flummox me – I do history, not math!)

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I’ve not seen a definitive ID on Meghan’s coat, which was also featured in the below Invictus Games promo pic, though there are a few guesses circulating. Whoever does it, I really like it and props to the Duchess for appearing bright eyed and bushy tailed after so long a flight.


We’ve heard that her close friend – and reported style adviser – Jessica Mulroney will be accompanying Meghan on this tour. That certainly does lend credence to the rumors Jessica plays a big role in pulling looks for her friend. For those who may not remember, Jessica’s children were in Harry and Meghan’s bridal party and her twin sons were given the hefty responsibility of carrying Meghan’s veil up the steps to St George’s Chapel in May.

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Anywho, while it is still very much Monday, October 15 here, Day One of the tour will likely commence before night fall so I expect to get at least one post on the first engagements up before the end of the day.

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And quickly switching gears, there are a few odds and ends to catch up on from Friday and the Royal Wedding. It was such a hectic day for me that I feel like I was playing catch up as I wrote and posted, so I definitely want to round out a few tidbits for the good of the order. First, despite what I wrote, George and Amal Clooney were not actually at the wedding – I think I just took for granted they would be since Jack Brooksbank works with the actor on his tequila business.

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Second, I think it’s worth pointing out that Kate didn’t oversee Prince George and Princess Charlotte as page boy and bridesmaid, making this the first public, high-stakes wedding in which they flew solo, so to speak. Given that we are in the habit of marking royal milestones, I think we give credit where it’s due – congratulations, George and Charlotte šŸ™‚

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Third, like Kate and Meghan, Eugenie chose to wear a second dress during her evening reception. She debuted a floor-length cream gown designed by Zac Posen which we got a good look at thanks to the official photographs released by the Royal Family over the weekend.

Which brings us to our fourth item on the agenda, the photos themselves. In addition to the reception gown shot, three other images were shared. The first is the traditional family pic, and I’m pleased that not only is Sarah, Duchess of York there, she is actually right next to the Duke of Edinburgh, who is apparently her biggest detractor. I’m always a fan of adults acting like adults, particularly for the “children,” so good. This is as it should be, whatever you think of the Duke of York’s ex-wife.


The second photo is a smaller group shot of Jack and Eugenie with their page boys and bridesmaids. Adorable, and of course George and Charlotte are little stars.

Eugenie 3

The third is a more intimate black and white of the couple kissing in their carriage from their brief procession through the town of Windsor.

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This was a lovely wedding and it’s always fun to see the whole Royal Family flock together for these big moments. Eugenie was beautiful, the ceremony was flawless and the couple looked happy and in love – what is there not to like?! Well done them, and I hope they are relaxing and enjoying a sunny honeymoon somewhere as we speak.

We’ll close the book on wedding news with this last touch, which is my favorite royal wedding tradition. Eugenie’s bouquet has been sent to Westminster Abbey to be placed on the Grave of the Unknown Warrior – a beautiful tradition dating back to the Queen Mother, then Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, at her own 1923 wedding to the future George VI as she paid tribute to her brother and other soldiers who lost their lives during World War I.

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With that, I bid you a brief adieu until we circle back on the first tour engagements. Given how busy this week and next week will be with all things Sussex, my plan is to hold off on history at the moment but perhaps sneak a post up on quieter weekend days until we get into November. Compromise and such(!)

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