When You Wear a Trench to the Beach

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Following a reception at Government House and a trip to a social cafe and school, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex carried out a final few engagements in Melbourne before returning to Sydney. For Meghan, this meant a quick costume change from the morning’s navy Dion Lee.

She opted for a black Club Monaco dress featuring prominent buttons down the side, while keeping her Martin Grant trench and bringing back the black Rothy’s flats first seen on Monday. As far as I can tell, she never removed the trench, so it’s difficult to get a great look at the dress’s detailing.

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Nor did the look raise many eyebrows when she and Harry traveled via tram to South Melbourne beach. They visited with local schoolchildren during the journey, one of whom quizzed the two on whether they had begun thinking of baby names. Meghan said that they had been given “long lists” from people, but had yet to review.

Incidently, the bookies are favoring Diana, Elizabeth and Alice.

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The ensemble, however, looked downright out of place once the two arrived on the beach. The black dress and flats look decidedly business-like, while the trench just felt like an odd touch. I suppose wind could have played a role in wanting the extra layer, but it wasn’t belted, so I’m not sure what good it did. Personally, I can’t think of anything more annoying to wear in windy weather than an open trench, but je ne sais pas.

Anywho, the engagement allowed both to meet with a local children’s group who help with beach cleanup each week.

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Rumor had it at that the two would help, but the beach was pristine when they arrived and no actual cleaning took place.

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And that was that, the two have returned to Sydney where they will carry out another day of engagements there before kicking off the Invictus Games on Saturday, the 20th. See you in a few hours!


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