Remembrance Sunday 2018

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For the second year in a row, the Prince of Wales was deputized to lay down a wreath on the Queen’s behalf during Remembrance ceremonies at the Cenotaph. Indeed, this mainstay of the royal calendar has essentially become Charles’s show now that his father is retired and his mother has deemed this event too physically exerting (presumably – we don’t actually know why).

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Flanked by is sons and brothers, Charles joined Prime Minister Theresa May, other members of the government and representatives of the British military in honoring soldiers who lost their lives during World War I. As we’ve seen over the last couple of years, the British Royal Family has played a key role in attending remembrance ceremonies across the globe as the war’s centenary unfolded, culminating in today’s 100th anniversary of Armistice Day.

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On a more personal note, last night and today also mark the Duchess of Sussex’s first year participating in a remembrance weekend. I’m overdue on providing a post taking a look at how the RF and Kensington Palace are handling Meghan’s introduction into public life, but suffice to say for now that I think her presence on an opposite balcony from the Queen, the Duchess of Cornwall and the Duchess of Cambridge was telling, if symbolic.

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The Queen, meanwhile, took her place on a balcony in-between two future queen consorts.

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On the fashion-front, Kate chose a military style coat by Alexander McQueen with a white collar and red piping. Kate often chooses to lean in to the “theme” of public events, but it’s one that only occasionally works for me and for military events, it’s one that I think should be handled carefully. This felt a little on to the nose for me and I’ll confess I’m not a fan.

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Meghan also chose her own “big” designer by way of a classic black Givenchy coat with a pillbox hat. From what we can see of this, I like this – nothing too showy and hits all the right notes.

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My favorite photo from the day:

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2 thoughts on “Remembrance Sunday 2018

  1. I actually liked what I could see of the Duchess of Cambridge’s outfit and was less keen on Meghan’s! As for the Queen’s balcony support, I thought it was very symbolic of the status of Camilla and Kate, they are the next two queen consorts – at some point in history, the shot (and others like it, I suppose) will be described as three queens . . . (although, I know, not quite . . . )


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