Poll: Meghan’s Clothes in 2018


Okay, you know the drill. Below are eight polls on Duchess of Sussex’s fashion from the past year, divvied up among coats, evening looks, day dresses and casual ensembles. My favorites are noted at the end of her EOY review here.

As for my least favorites…

My least favorite coat has to go to the Martin Grant trench Meghan over-wore (is that a thing? I’m making it one.) in Australia. It paired with black flats and a black dress on the beach was the final straw.

martin grant trench coat

The worst evening look unfortunately is going to the blue Jason Wu. Meghan wore other dresses by Wu that were gorgeous in 2018, but this one just did not photograph well.

blue jason wu dress

The blue Stella McCartney came in a wave of navy towards the end of the tour. I was burned out, granted, but at one point I swear it all just became a wave of blue. Anyway, this was one of her duller looks, in my opinion, and a tad wrinkled to boot.

navy stella mccartney day dress

I’m giving the trophy for worst trousers/casual look to this L’Agence blazer and all black getup. The jeans were too faded against the turtleneck, the blazer was too boxy and it was way too similar to an outfit worn just days before…and better.

l_agence blazer & black jeans

Meghan’s best coat ensemble in 2018:

Meghan’s worst coat ensemble in 2018:

Meghan’s best evening look in 2018:

Meghan’s worst evening look in 2018:

Meghan’s best day dress/skirt in 2018:

Meghan’s worst day dress/skirt in 2018:

Meghan’s best trousers-based/casual ensemble in 2018:

Meghan’s worst trousers-based/casual ensemble in 2018:


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