Harry & Meghan Take In ‘The Wider Earth’ For the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust

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On Tuesday, February 12 the Duke and Duchess of Sussex took in an evening performance of The Wider Earth, a play covering Charles Darwin’s expedition on the HMS Beagle, at the Natural History Museum. Their presence there was on behalf of the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust and the production’s charitable partner, The Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy.

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The event came just a day after George Clooney, a friend of the couple, made public remarks that the press was chasing and vilifying Meghan in a similar manner to what happened to Harry’s mother, Diana, Princess of Wales. The comments definitely caught some attention and drew ire from certain corners that what Meghan is currently experiencing is nothing akin to what Diana did.

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It’s apples and oranges, in my opinion – while Meghan isn’t necessarily being hounded down the street by paparazzi (we’ll put a pin the baby shower as I’m back dating this post) there is a level of social media nonsense that the current royals have to deal with. It’s a slightly different landscape, to be sure, and there has been a lot more drama in a shorter period of time with Meghan than with the Duchess of Cambridge back in 2011-2012, but I don’t think comparisons to Diana are particular helpful at this point.

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Moving right along so we can keep playing catch up, Meghan wore a white Calvin Klein dress underneath a white Amanda Wakeley coat with olive Ralph Lauren heels and a clutch. I thought she looked fantastic so I’m giving this a thumb’s up.

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And with that, let’s continue on with the rest of last week!

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