Kate Speaks at Mental Health in Education Conference

The Duchess of Cambridge attended a Mental Health in Education conference last Wednesday at which she delivered brief remarks (see video above) and attended a series of roundtable and panel discussions. The event highlighted the importance of early intervention in mental health, as well as the importance of ensuring children, educators and parents are equipped with the appropriate tools – a cause with which Kate is charging ahead.

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During one roundtable discussion, she revealed:

“I was very naive myself as a parent, of really just how important particularly the early years are for children’s futures. And how critical it is, everyone looking after children at a critical time, teachers, parents, and everyone who’s caring for them, how important it is that we get it right.”

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Frankly I think Kate is so well-positioned to really own these issues, much in the way that she, William and Harry led a very public charge in 2017 for public discussion of mental health. Kate is clearly a dedicated and hands-on mother to her own three and I think the rise of her interest in both maternal mental health and early intervention have come together as she herself found her footing as a young mother. I’m pleased to see her efforts here are coming together and I think there’s more to come as the rest of this year unfolds.

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On a more frivolous note, Kate debuted a new Dolce & Gabbana black and white tweed skirt suit alongside her trust Tod’s heels. It’s a silhouette that Kate has always liked, and once which we’ve seen in her closet in various forms through Paule Ka and Oscar de la Renta. I’m a fan of this particular look – it was professional, perfectly tailored and still felt young.

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It bears highlighting that Kate’s hair was definitely on point, but as we would see, I think that may have had something to do with her evening plans…

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