Commonwealth Day 2019

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Happy Commonwealth Day. Last year we used this occasion to note the marked improvement from 2017’s celebration, which was marred by #skigate (a thing only I call it). But it’s just as remarkable to look back at last year and see how far we’ve come once again. Yes, the Cambridges still showed up, but while 2018 saw Kate pregnant with Prince Louis and Meghan still a royal fiancée, this year we have Kate fully back in action and a mother of three, and Meghan a duchess and about a month out from the birth of her first child. What can I say? I love a good annual event – the passage of time is so much easier to track.

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But today is not about Kate and Meghan. We are also nearly a year out from the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meetings that saw the Prince of Wales officially confirmed as his mother’s successor, and while that’s a nice display of unity that even the Queen noted in her remarks, we are also just days out from Brexit. If Prime Minister Theresa May looked stress, well, that’s probably because she was – and also due back for a meeting.

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Less stressed were members of the Royal Family, all of whom actually seemed in good spirits. Charles was caught joking around with Meghan, the Queen was all smiles and the Duchess of Cornwall was wearing a very dramatic purple hat (feathers can only be the sign of a certain joie de vivre).

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Cut back to May and her reading from Corinthians 12: 14-26 is being noted in the press as “significant”:

“The body does not consist of one member but of many… If one member suffers, all suffer together with it; if one member is honored, all rejoice together with it.”

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It’s also worth noting that this year marks the Commonwealth’s 70th anniversary, while 2019’s theme was “A Connected Commonwealth” highlighting cooperation between the 53 participating countries.

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As for style, Kate recycled a red Catherine Walker coat dress that she debuted in 2014 when arriving in New Zealand. For me, it will always be famous as the outfit she wore when we were first introduced to Prince George as “Grumpy George” and his facial expressions that tour remain magnificent. Beyond that, I’m actually not a big fan of this look – it reminds me too much of a mid-century flight attendant.

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Meghan made a costume change between engagements today, swapping the green Erdem for a white coat and chain-printed crepe dress by Victoria Beckham. Her heels and clutch are by the same designer as well. I actually like the entire look save the hat, which is not quite working for me. Combined with the coat it’s just a little too much white, and I would probably have scaled back a tad size-wise.

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Anywho, tomorrow we will see Kate for two engagements – one in the afternoon and another in the evening. TBD on when we’ll next see Meghan, but I’ll update her schedule when I see an announcement.

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