Kate Visits the Henry Fawcett Children’s Center

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It was babies and (Gucci) bows for the Duchess of Cambridge visited the Henry Fawcett Children’s Centre this afternoon. The engagement was on behalf of the Lambeth Early Action Partnership and meant to showcase how the organization is using the Parent and Infant Relationship Service (PAIRS) to support parents and children.

As such, Kate basically got to sit down on a mat and play with a bunch of toddlers and babies, which certainly sounds like a more relaxing Tuesday than likely most of us had.

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Kate also revealed that Prince Louis is starting to walk, saying, “Louis just wants to pull himself up all the time. He has got these little walkers and is bombing around in them.”

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Per one article:

Finesse, who also has a 12-year-old daughter and a two-year-old son, said: ‘I told her that I felt very isolated and how much it had supported me. It had enabled me to meet other mums and twins, which has been incredibly helpful.

‘In fact she asked me how it was having two at once and I told that it was double the trouble. In fact I feel like i have got triplets given that I have a two year old as well. They are really little divas in the making!

‘She was asking about the best thing for us as parents and told us that for her it was getting hugs from her kids.

‘She was just lovely, really down to earth. I never thought she would come down and sit with us, but she did. She just wanted to chat about what it was like to be a mum. She said that we all had our ups and downs as parents, regardless of who we are. ‘

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Kate also met with staff and received a briefing session during which she asked questions about how parents find them and receive support, paying particular attention to the stigma around seeking help and the issue of parent-child attachment.

For the occasion Kate debuted a purple silk blouse by Gucci, which she paired with her black Jigsaw trousers. We most recently saw these trousers when she and the Duke of Cambridge visited Cyprus at the end of last year, and they were definitely a switch up then, so it’s nice to see them again.

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As for the blouse, I’m a fan, though she does look startling like Lisa Vanderpump from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Once you see the side-by-side you can’t really unsee.

Meanwhile, Kensington Palace announced two new engagements for Kate. On Sunday she will join William to hand out shamrocks at the St Patrick’s Day parade, and then on Tuesday she will be at the Foundling Museum. No word yet on a new engagement for the Duchess of Sussex.

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