An Update on Princess Haya

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We still don’t know a lot about what’s going on with Princess Haya, the ruler of Dubai’s wife, who reportedly fled the UAE for Europe, seeking asylum from both the UK and Germany. As far as we know, she’s still living in London with the couple’s two children, however in CNN’s write up posted on Thursday, they noted they were unable to confirm that.

Meanwhile, Business Insider reports that she’s enlisted the help of Baroness Shackleton, a barrister/lawyer based in Belgravia who has represented the British Royal Family in the past – specifically the Prince of Wales and the Dukes of Cambridge and Sussex. This information appears to come from David Haigh, a lawyer for Haya’s stepdaughter, Princess Latifa, who caused waves last year when she attempted to escape Dubai, but was eventually captured off the coast of India and returned.

According to Haigh, Shackleton will be working on Haya’s divorce case. She previously represented Charles when he was divorcing Diana, Princess of Wales in 1996. Given how many times Haya has appeared in public with Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall over the years, I wouldn’t be surprised if Shackleton’s engagement came at Charles’s recommendation, or that the two have been privately in contact.

The next hearings for the case will be held in London’s High Court on July 30th and 31st, so my guess is that we’ll know more then.

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