Harry & Meghan Visit District 6 Museum

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s second engagement of the day took them back into Cape Town for a tour of the District 6 museum, which commemorates the impact of apartheid. The museum was founded in 1994, marking the location where 60,000 families were turned out of their homes after the neighborhood was declared for “whites only.” Now the museum’s floor shows the sites of bulldozed houses and the inscription of personal letters found from former inhabitants.

As such, it’s one of the tour’s more somber engagements.

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In Cape Town, the couple also partook in yet another walkabout – not their first and not their last this tour! Some video shared by royal reporter Emily Nash:

After their visit to the museum, Harry and Meghan joined still living former District 6 inhabitants for a community cooking class and meal. Meghan reportedly gifted them a copy of her Hubb Community cookbook from last year.

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On the style front, Meghan recycled a blue silk Veronica Beard shirt dress that she first debuted last autumn in Tonga. It was one of that tour’s fashion highlights and seemed fitting for a second look this round.

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With that, Day One is over! We’ll see the couple again tomorrow morning on Monwabisi Beach.

One final piece of non-tour-related news is that Queen Elizabeth gave her blessing for her long-time personal dressmaker, Angela Kelly, to write a book about her career. The manuscript will be published by Harper Collins and is currently titled, “The Other Side of the Coin,” due for release at the end of October. According to the press release, the book will detail Kelly’s experience working inside the royal household and include information on her strong bond with the Queen. The two are known to have an excellent working relationship – one that’s spanned decades – and the fact that the Queen has ok’d this is actually rather extraordinary. We’ll dig into this more next month.

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