Harry: “I have been so proud to be able to introduce my wife to you”

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Six days into the Sussexes’ four-country tour and we’re still not at the halfway point! We have three countries still to go, while the Invictus Games are now underway in Sydney for the next week. After carrying out two engagements “today” (I don’t know about you, but somewhere in there I slept and so for my purposes it’s now “yesterday”), Harry and Meghan attended the Invictus Games opening ceremony.

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First, though, came what may be my favorite moment of the tour thus far: Harry doing a sound test on stage at the Sydney Opera House while Meghan watched from the seats. Just the two of them in that huge venue is a nice optic of their marriage at this point.


Harry gives a good speech, and last night’s was no different. The Invictus Games may well be the cornerstone of his royal career thus far and his genuine passion for the cause shines through his commitment throughout the year, but never more so than when he’s speaking about it.

Five hundred athletes will compete this week in 13 different sports, with some 1,000 of their friends and family gathered to cheer them on. Add to that members of the public, politicians from across the globe and a smattering of celebrities (the Beckhams are expected to make an appearance at some point) and you have a true tour de force of an event that is just four years old.

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The scale of the Invictus Games is one that I think took everyone by surprise, as well as the apparent global interest and support it continues to generate. Going forward it will take place every two years, with the next round happening in Amsterdam in 2020. It’s entirely likely that it will mark Royal Baby Sussex’s first international engagement 😉

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Harry and Meghan kicked off the evening with a reception at the Bannelong Restaurant at the Sydney Opera House, before continuing on to the forecourt where Harry made his speech.


Meghan recycled her navy Stella McCartney cape dress first debuted at the Queen’s birthday concert in April. Over it she debuted a designer by way of a navy Gillian Anderson coat over it, which was paired with her Stuart Weitzman nude heels and a Christian Dior clutch.

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I like this dress just fine, but I will say, much in the way I am nonplussed by McQueen coat dresses or peter pan collars from the Duchess of Cambridge after a while, it’s been a lot of navy and black from Meghan lately. It’s a beautiful dress and presented in a vacuum I would probably love it, but I would have loved a pop of color this evening more.

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Later today Harry and Meghan will carry out more Invictus Games engagements, as well as attend a lunch reception hosted by the Prime Minister. I’ll see you then.

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