New Photos of the Cambridges Are Released Ahead of the Chelsea Flower Show [UPDATED]

Kensington Palace is going all out to promote the garden co-designed by the Duchess of Cambridge for the upcoming Chelsea Flower Show. The garden seeks to encourage adults and children to spend more time outdoors to support mental health, and will be accessible to the public starting Tuesday. Tomorrow, however, is the preview day, during which we expect to see a few members of the Royal Family take a look at the exhibits, including Kate.

Two sets of images were released yesterday and today, in addition to the two previous sets depicting Kate working behind-the-scenes. The series from yesterday shows Kate working with her co-designers, giving the rope swing a try, and tending to the forget-me-nots featured in the garden, which not-so-coincidentally were the favorite flowers of Diana, Princess of Wales.

Meanwhile, today’s show all five Cambridges – our first view of them all together since the family’s Christmas card, and our best candids since Prince Louis’s christening last summer.

The photos were taken yesterday, which explains Kate’s absence from the wedding.

And Louis is definitely the star of today, with four of the six images released including him.

George and Charlotte are also on hand, cheerfully exploring.


While on the one hand it’s surprising to get surprise photos featuring the children, this release is in keeping with how the Cambridges offer some insight into their family life. The environment is controlled and informal, which I’m sure ups everyone comfort level.


My other takeaway is that this is the biggest push we’ve seen from Kensington Palace since they went all out ahead of the London Marathon/Heads Together campaign in the spring of 2017. I think this has less to do with equating the two as it does with the fact that they’re definitely upping their social media and publicity game overall. I don’t cover William’s solo engagements here too often, but this has certainly been on display over the past couple of weeks with some of the mental health work he’s been doing, as well as with how many images they’re sharing during regular engagements as well.


I have a feeling this has more than a little to do with the Duchess of Sussex’s influence, and I think it’s probably a good thing for everyone in the long run.

With that, enjoy these photos and we’ll circle back tomorrow with the CFS engagement.

Update: Video from this visit is available here.

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