The Duke & Duchess of Sussex One Year Out

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On the one hand, it’s hard to believe it’s been a full year since Meghan Markle officially joined the Royal Family as HRH The Duchess of Sussex, but on the other, so, so much has happened since then. Last spring was all babies and wedding galore, and royal news seemed to sprout up multiple times a day thanks to Markle family drama, Prince Louis’s debut, new tours, and speculation over how Meghan (an American! an actress!) would fit in.

Things are quieter now, for sure, but also a little uneasier, no? And we still don’t have a firm answer on the last question, though I do believe that Meghan has done a fantastic job with her work thus far. The dust, however, has still not quite settled.

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Meghan’s introduction into the Royal Family has been nothing short of a whirlwind, and so, I think it’s worth taking a look back.

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Fittingly, the Sussexes wedding is remembered only as a smashing hit, and it was, but the broad strokes that stick with us tend to the gown, the happy couple leaving, the kiss, and the carriage ride. In other words, the images that are recycled every time the wedding is discussed. But there was also a lot going on that day.

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Meghan’s father bowed out of the ceremony at the last minute kick-starting several months of tabloid bashing, and the Prince of Wales stepped in to walk his daughter-in-law down the final steps of the aisle. That is still my favorite part of the ceremony, FWIW. It also ended days of speculation over who would do it, with many wanting to see Meghan’s mother take the role.

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There were also a *lot* of celebrities – way more than I think most of us were anticipating. Meghan’s former co-starts, we expected. George and Amal Clooney and Oprah, we did not. They apparently took the place of many of Harry’s cousins, with several minor royals who usually join family occasions not invited.

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The Duke of Cambridge and Zara Tindall received some admonishment from the press (and me) for appearing amused during Bishop Curry’s address, though to be fair, William held it together better than Zara. And I also chided Kate for wearing a pale yellow Alexander McQueen coat dress that showed up as white when she was outside. But those ruffles are mostly forgotten now, and that’s probably for the best.

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One more highlight from that month came when the couple delayed their honeymoon to attend a Buckingham Palace garden party honoring the Prince of Wales. It was a sweet way to honor Charles, and Harry’s speech was interrupted by a bee flying into his face, which was also hilarious. Equally as important (but not really), this was the first time we saw Meghan wear a hat.

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And we still don’t know where Harry and Meghan honeymooned, so good for them.

The links above capture a lot of my coverage from the day, and below are some highlights from the last year of big Sussex moments:

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