Meghan’s in Johannesburg For the Tour’s Last Leg

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Aaand we’re back at it. Before I get to today I want to quickly cover off on a surprise appearance that the Duchess of Sussex made yesterday at Johannesburg’s Victoria Yards. The site is a community network of artists, metal workers, and carpenters who provide programming for marginalized young people and women…so right up Meghan’s alley.

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She wore a navy dress by Canadian brand Aritzia and red Everlane flats. Both are labels Meghan has worn since her pre-royal days, but they fit the profile she seems to be striving for this tour – put together, but not overly expensive. I thought she looked great and I would definitely file this away under a tour “win.”

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As for today, Meghan visited the University of Johannesburg for a roundtable discussion with her patronage, the Association of Commonwealth Universities. The conversation was focused on challenges young woman face globally in achieving higher education, a cause close to Meghan’s heart and one on which she spoke passionately during the Oceania tour last year.

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Meghan delivered a speech for the ACU in Fiji last October and officially took over the patronage from the Queen this January. She carried out her first engagement for them in her new role this past winter.

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On the fashion front, Meghan is wearing a new trench-style dress from Banana Republic. At first glance I was certain this was a recycle given that she’s worn a few dresses with the same silhouette in the past, but I think I was just blending this Leap of Faith dress and this House of Nonie dress in my head. While repetitive I’ll also call this a win as she looked great.

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The shoes are Stuart Weitzman and her bracelet is an Alemdara Evil Eye.

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Also, clearly I haven’t been paying as close attention to the Duke of Sussex because I thought he was already back in South Africa. In fact, he’s flying into Johannesburg this afternoon, so we should see him and Meghan together for tomorrow – the last day of the tour.

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In the meantime, Meghan carried out a second engagement today, so I’ll cover that in a separate post.

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