William & Kate Carry Out Engagements in Islamabad

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Day Two saw the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge championing higher education for women and girls in Islamabad. The two visited a girls’ school and joined a classroom of students where they had the opportunity to witness the curriculum in action. It’s always fun to see these two interacting with kids – and it’s clearly when Kate is most at ease – and today was no different. I’ve included a few videos captured by royal reporter Rebecca English below.

At one point William was asked by a student what he had wanted to “be” when he was younger and he responded that he changed a lot as he grew up, but that he had always wanted to fly.

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He also seemed particularly touched when he learned that several of the students had been big fans of his mother, the late Diana, Princess of Wales, who personally visited Pakistan multiple times during her life.

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Kate debuted a kurta by local designer Maheen Khan worn over trousers. There’s been some conversation online over whether the Duchess’s embrace of regional style is cultural appropriation, so I’d like to quickly touch on that. In my opinion, no, this is not an instance of that. Kate is dressing diplomatically in an appropriate context and with respect. I’ve also noted on Twitter that Pakistanis seem genuinely touched by the effort she’s put in to highlight their country’s fashion and so I say we go with that 🙂

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With that, on to the next!

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